McDANIEL SALES and MARKETING founded in 1978, started out as an industrial based sales organization.  Initially working in the industrial photographic area from 1982 until 1985 in the state of Arizona McDANIEL SALES and MARKETING chose to become an independent manufacturer’s representative group.

McDANIEL SALES and MARKETING  now handles a multitude of cross-over products. Our diversified product line allow us to focus on a wide variety of markets.  We can now provide valuable benefits to not only the cinema production and photography industries, but computer, digital imaging, art, sports as well as outdoor retailers, all segments of the educational field, as well as government entities.

McDANIEL SALES and MARKETING, Inc. has representation covering 16 states. We offer a synergistic unity between consumer, wholesaler/retailer and manufacturer/supplier.

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