HOLLYLAND is one of the fastest-growing wireless technology companies in the global content production market. Since 2013, the brand has grown to be recognized as a leading provider of premium wireless products. Hollyland designs, develops, manufactures, and distributes a wide range of high-performance wireless solutions. The product portfolio includes video transmission systems, cameras, monitors, wireless microphones, and wireless intercom systems that feature a compact design, high quality, reliable performance, and affordability.

SIRUI USA manufactures a full range of professional photographic and video support equipment, camera bags, dehumidifying cabinets, filters and mobile accessories. SIRUI’s diverse, international engineering group, combined with their industry leading Research and Development Department, has made SIRUI an expert manufacturer in the field of Forging Technology. Stringent Quality Control standards have been placed into every segment of manufacturing helping to make SIRUI a leading brand of photographic and video support equipment.

PromarkBRANDS is the leading MANUFACTURER of equipment and accessories for photography, videography, and digital imaging. PromarkBRANDS other brands include Cool-Lux, Dot Line, Logan, Norman, Photogenic, Photoflex, Quantum Instruments, Radiopopper, Smith-Victor, and Speedotron. PromarkBRANDS is a company deeply steeped in a tradition of support for their dealers. Every product they offer takes your bottom line into account. At the same time, we’re committed to keeping pace with technology and marketing trends.

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